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This Hillary Clinton ad is an instant classic, already spawning countless spoofs on YouTube. More to the point, it is widely regarded as a significant factor in her victories over Barack Obama in the Texas and Ohio primaries March 4, 2008.

John McCain won the Republican presidential nomination tonight, after sweeping primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont. Last summer, his campaign was moribund and almost out of money. Last spring, he was “joking” at a South Carolina town meeting when he offered the world his take on an old surfer hit.

It was April 18 and CNN’s coverage of the incident is here.

It’s one of the most famous lines associated with Ronald Reagan, and it happened during a debate with then-president Jimmy Carter October 20, 1980.¬†How disappointing that 28 years later, affordable health care is still an issue in presidential debates.

More on this debate at PBS.

As Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic put it, Barack Obama doesn’t need any negative ads when Hillary Clinton’s supporters put together videos like this.

So is she Laverne or Shirley?

We’ve had more political “debates” — extended press conferences, really — in this presidential cycle than ever, but so far we haven’t had a line that sticks in memory like some from previous years.

Example: who can forget Lloyd Bentsen’s 1988 exchange with Dan Quayle, arguably the dumbest man to be vice president in my lifetime? And do notice Bentsen’s talent for the raised eyebrow.


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